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12 months VIP service

Same Day/ Next day appointment with in 24hrs 

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Everything included in VIP!

1 free wash per year 

free on site consultation with in 24hrs 

Moreswag and up free sealant added . 

First on call back log 

Call and ask how to sign up 

Refer a friend program

How it works:

Refer a friend by giving them a refer a friend card with your email  you received after your appointment. Your friend purchases a swag deluxe receiving $10 off and you get a free wash.

Free Simple Swag (exterior)

appointment is set up once job is complete.

weekly wash

Discounted Odor elimnator

Buy a full detail for any car and recieve the odor elimnator for only $55 dollars.


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Base of Operation
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Tel: 239-841-5508

2710 Del Prado Blvd, Cape Coral, Florida 33904

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Mon - Sun: 7am - 7pm

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